Monday, September 14, 2020

How to access MDS by using MySQL Enterprise Workbench

 Using MySQL Enterprise Workbench to write SQL statements against MDS

Assume that you wanted to access/write sql statements on MDS from MySQL Workbench Running on On-premises (Windows OS)

How? Below are steps you needed to follow.

To connect with MySQL Workbench ,you require below details handy :-


1.       Installed MySQL Enterprise Workbench(preferred latest version) On-Premises.

2.       Putty -

3.       Up & Running MDS on ORACLE CLOUD .

4.       Up and Running Compute instance.


Note:- To download MySQL Enterprise Edition trail version by below links:-



How to Install MySQL Enterprise Edition on Windows?  Below links will be helpful

Open MySQL Enterprise Workbench

SSH Hostname:-  <Public IP Address of Compute Instance>

SSH Username:-  <opc->default user name assigned when you create compute Instance>

SSH Key File:-  You needed to generate key file from .PPK file by using PUTTY.


MySQL Host Name :-  MDS IP address

MySQL Server Port :-  3306

MySQL User Name :-  <give user name of MySQL database>

MySQL Password :-  <give the password>*********


How to generate Key file?

What you need to do is:-

1.       Open puttygen and click on Conversions àImport Keyà search for existing .ppk filesàupload it.-->Click on conversions àExport OpenSSH  Keyà Save as opensshkey .

2.       Then pass SSH Key File:-  as opensshkey.


1.       Test Connection with above parameters.

Open MySQL Workbench and click on +

Login to MySQL Work bench and execute commands…