Friday, January 21, 2022

Glimpse of MySQL 8.0.28 Release

 MySQL 8.0.28 version is GA!!! , ready to use in production.

Below is high level overview , more can be viewed from the weblink.

[1] Disabling Audit Logging for all connecting and connected sessions

SET GLOBAL audit_log_disable = true;

Setting audit_log_disable to true disables the audit log plugin. The plugin is re-enabled when audit_log_disable is set back to false, which is the default setting.

[2]- [Under Performance Schema] A new statement metric, CPU_TIME, is now available, enabling you to measure the CPU time spent on a query.

This is helpful to troubleshoot performance of SQL statements specially hardware resource utilize by the SQL statement , below is the there table you can use to monitor the bottlenecks

[3]- InnoDB now supports ALTER TABLE ... RENAME COLUMN operations using ALGORITHM=INSTANT

Operations that support ALGORITHM=INSTANT only modify metadata in the data dictionary. No exclusive metadata locks are taken on the table during preparation and execution phases of the operation, and table data is unaffected, making the operations instantaneous. If not specified explicitly, ALGORITHM=INSTANT is used by default by DDL operations that support it.

[4]- Replication: When the PAD_CHAR_TO_FULL_LENGTH SQL mode was enabled on a replica server, trailing spaces could be added to a replication channel’s name in the replication metadata repository tables, resulting in errors in replication operations that identified the channel using that data. The issue has now been fixed in MySQL 8.0 by using VARCHAR for character columns, and in MySQL 5.7 by disabling the SQL mode when reading from those tables. Thanks to Brian Yue for the contribution. (Bug #33213841)

[5.]Producing a per-table dump using mysqldump in MySQL 5.7 and 8.0 requires a longer execution time compared to MySQL 5.6. This is because the information_schema.files table, which is queried for information on log file groups by mysqldump, contains information about InnoDB data files as well as NDB data files from MySQL 5.7.
In MySQL 8.0 , the issue has been fixed by rewriting the query to select only the appropriate data files. In MySQL 5.7, Information Schema tables do not have indexes, so a full table scan is still required. (Bug #29210990, Bug #93875)


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